11 Apr 2019

I have been technically “out of work” for 6 months now. And by that I mean without a contract nor a salary. 

True, I did have a few weeks of time off to start with. Then, not so much anymore. 

These are a few things that you only find out about when yo...

9 Mar 2019

Because you have to bargain everything in this country. At the market, when you buy anything. And even more when you are building when we are talking about pretty consequent money amounts. After all this time this doesn’t still come naturally to me,...

26 Feb 2019

At the moment we are spending a lot of time going back and forth from Bali. Needless to say this is expensive, between the boat tickets and the rooms, and I have been out of work for months now and starting a dive shop, so I am pretty much broke. 


12 Feb 2019

Before we even start dreaming about building anything, we need a road. Currently to access our beautiful piece of land we need to trek through a bit of vegetation and then climb up some sort of stone wall. Not super handy to get customers in. 

We talk...

30 Jan 2019

Welcome back friends. For a change today, a virtual headache, not a construction one. 

Early enough in the process, we went around asking people for quotes about websites. Then we decided we did not have the money for it. I mean sure, I would like an...

20 Jan 2019

So here we are sitting on our land, having all these great ideas about what we wanted to build and what it should look like, and then it slowly hit us: we have no clue about building. Literally, zero. 

I mean let’s be honest, I have practical smartnes...

7 Jan 2019

I have done a pretty crap job at writing here the last couple of years. I did good for a long time and then not so much. But now is a good time to dig the blog out of the hole where it had fallen, because shit is happening. 

One of my good friends sug...

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