7 Jan 2019

I have done a pretty crap job at writing here the last couple of years. I did good for a long time and then not so much. But now is a good time to dig the blog out of the hole where it had fallen, because shit is happening. 

One of my good friends sug...

12 Feb 2017

First day of February marked coming back to Bali after 5 weeks on the road all over Indonesia. Best thing I could have done for myself and my mental health and my happiness in a long time.

The diving was awesome, so was the company, I had so much offl...

17 Apr 2016

Oui je sais, ça fait longtemps. 


Tout d’abord, comme vous le savez sans doute j’écris pour d’autres, et si vous n’avez pas encore jeté un oeil à Scuba Diver Life je vous invite à le faire. C’est bon pour moi d’avoir ce truc que je dois rendre à dates...

17 Apr 2016

Yes, I know, it’s been a while. 


Well first, writing for others takes time, if you haven’t had a look at Scuba Diver Life yet now is the time. It’s good for me to have this fix thing that I have to do, makes me have to write with a purpose and someth...

8 Feb 2016

So it seems that 2016 started pretty well so far. Let me rewind a bit to January and the last few months. 

I spent a fair amount of time last year prepping my application for the PADI Course Director training (CDTC). For those of you who have no idea...

8 Feb 2016

Et…bonne année en retard !


La bonne année m’a été souhaitée un peu en retard cette année…Revenons un peu en arrière que je vous explique.

En 2015 j’ai investi du temps et de l’énergie à préparer ma candidature pour la formation PADI Course Director. P...

4 Dec 2015

Donc si vous avez bien suivi nous quittons Nadi pour Malolo. Nous amarrons le bateau (enfin moi je ne fais rien, Jean s’est assez vite rendu compte que j’étais pas super utile comme marin mais enfin il tente de m’apprendre des trucs tout de même) dan...

4 Dec 2015

OK so if you have been following, we are leaving Nadi for Malolo Island. We are anchoring the boat in the bay (well Jean is doing that, me I am doing nothing as he realized pretty quick I was useless as a sailor but he is still trying to teach me a f...

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