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Wanna see fish ?

Apart from in the water, obviously. I assume some of you do not want to get wet (although you're wrong not to, but that's not my point). As Christmas is getting closer, I'd though I offer you a list of some great movies with fish in them that you can treat yourselves with. You probably heard about some of them, actually, but there's nothing wrong in a little reminder. Here it comes.

Oceans is a great one to start with. Not much talk, it is not meant to be a documentary one per say. A lot of the footage in this is really amazing. With the remaining of the footage, a great serie of 4 documentary movies was made, "Le peuple des océans" (and I have no clue whether it exists in English, thanks for asking).

Before this movie was one of the best documentary series that was ever made about the oceans, namely The Blue Planet. Unknown species were discovered in the process of filming those. The episode about the depths is one of the craziest thing I've ever seen. And all of them are really good.

Remember the movie "Abyss", from James Cameron? Well, he did not make it all up, really.

Not enough teeth and action for you? Try Sharkwater. This is not similar to the ones before, not along the lines of "look how beautiful the oceans are". This is a guy taking a stand and saying "look what a bunch of freaking idiots and salvages we are". You've been warned. You might be annoyed at the pedagogy of it if you are familiar with the subjet (yes, sharkfinning is pointless and barbarian), but I think he can be granted a merit award just for having the balls of making this movie.

Obviously, the first one ever was Le monde du silence. It looks a bit old now compared to all the ones listed before, but hey, that was shot in the Fifties.

And as French movie goes, there is also a very good documentary made for French TV called Carnets de plongée. The guy might be often slightly annoying, but some of them are really worth a watch.

Still not convinced? Well, you can still go and buy "Nemo" for your kids then...

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