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The end of year to-do list

Tell Santa not to bring me anything bulky: check

  • Find suitcases big enough to fit my life and my dive gear but that will be authorized on a plane: check

  • See every possible doctor that I can think of and do a complete check-up: in progress

  • Start to dig again into dive theory: eeeerrrr...

  • Find a dive centre that will train me through the instructor course: in progess (and it comes with a bonus: it might even be on Nusa Lembongan)

  • Have my own personal coach to prep me beforehand and learn me all the tricks for diving physics while getting awesome diving in Sulawesi (and work too, I have a feeling accounts are waiting for me...): check!

  • Learn bahasa indonesian: in progress...Apa kabar?

  • Work, papers, taxes, boring appointments: in painful progress

  • Plan leaving party, gather all friends, get drunk and avoid crying : to do

  • Sort out clothes, books, and the billion of stuff I have in a flat: still working on it...

  • Get a 2 months visa from the embassy: to do

  • Plan a couple of weeks of fun to start with, with my little German dive buddy: in progress!

  • Buy a single-way ticket to Indonesia: to do, ASAP. So I have an offical take-off date.


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