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Ze French Food, n'est-ce pas? (stinky cheese VS daily rice)

"Won't you miss the cheese? The wine? The bread?"

"Won't you grow bored of rice?"

I probably will, yes. Although I reckon I'll get used to it, just like I got used to other stuff when living abroad before. Not all of it, mind you. Who can get used to Marmite?

(Well, some people can. In fact, that was my mission last time I flew to Indonesia: bring Marmite and PG tips. You English people are a bit strange, aren't you?

Note that I did not get stopped in customs. I was fearing that the Marmite jars might get me in trouble, that some custom officer would get thinking it was a new way of carrying dynamite or something, with the horrible smell to assault the senses of the person that would sneak too much. End of the digression on Marmite).

I might even get better habits. During the last trips, I found out I could actually survive with just the morning coffee. No coffee later in the morning, no coffee after lunch. My body might thank me, in the end. (and no, I do not intend to get rid of the morning coffee too, let's not get too far). I will eat less chocolate, because there is no good one to be found. I will probably drink more water and end up with a bad "I drink 4 liters of fluid a day" habit like some Aussie I know.

I don't really know why, for a lot of people, the food is the main thing about not being home. I don't think I am very picky with it, I kind of roll with the flow most of the time, pretty much anywhere. But just as it happened to me before, I know in a few months I'll be crying over the thought of a stinky cheese or some fresh crispy bread.

I remember years ago sending a Christmas package to one of my friend who was in Indonesia, after touring the world for about 12 months. She told me about it several times, saying she almost cried over it when she opened it.


Who knows, I might just end up opening a French bakery in Bali? (and learn how to bake bread to start with, maybe).

Or I might cry over the phone to some of you in a while, asking to pleeeeease ship me candy and chocolate and stuff from home. Be merciful. Don't let Frenchie die of cheese and chocolate deprivation.

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