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The Plan (with a big P)

Many of you asked what is the plan for the next few weeks. So, here it is. Just so you know what's up and where you might catch me, in case you miss me so much that you feel like flying a few hours.

I am out of work since mid-December, I have packed and cleared the flat and I am being hosted by friends and family.

January: in France, sort out the paperwork, try to give a crack at dive theory again (not very successful so far...), make time for friends and family, and work on my side business. (more about that in a while, maybe.)

February: take off! Since it is going to be rainy season and my Coach is closing down the dive shop, I will be enjoying a couple of well deserved weeks of vacation with my friend Triggerfish (no, that's not his real name, but triggers are keen on his white little butt).We are planning on diving the famous Lembeh strait, enjoying Bintang at sunset and trying to catch a few waves.

Late February: start training in Sulawesi, learn the theory and the tricks, and work for Coach at the same time so I am not only a useless student but also a useful dive and office slave.

Mid-March: back to Bali to start the instructor course. That is, if I get an extendable visa and don't have to do a visa run in Singapore. If so, then I'll lose a few days of training over this...Gah.

First days of April: take the instructor exam...and succeed, obviously!

And until then, activate all possible leads and get a job. No, I do not intend to take unlimited vacation. Although the idea is very tempting.


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