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48 hours later

Even after 18 hours of travel, I had to refrain myself from doing a little dance in front of the immigration officer and yell « Hey guys, I’m baaaack ». Instead I just handed my visa, a smile and the best “selamat pagi” I could.

Even if this was one of the worst journey ever, it felt so good to be back. (Daylight long haul in a middle seat? Never again.)

That first afternoon was mainly running around Sanur to get stuff sorted, phone, paperstuff, and get ready to get on the first boat to Lembongan the next day.

Sanur was busy as always, the food at the night market was good like I remembered, and the first "sate ayam" tasted a little bit like heaven.

The next morning, after a very early wake-up thanks to jetlag, we were on the morning boat to Lembongan. My dive and travel buddy did not try to mute me but I suppose my excitement was a bit annoying. And finally, here I am, back where it all started. Getting off that boat felt like getting home in a strange way. The smell of drying seaweed and burning garbage, the heat, the food, familiar faces…

Yesterday night I felt asleep listening to the chants coming from the temple. This morning (well, at 4am once again) I woke up to the sound of the waves crashing. I got ready for my first dive of 2013 after a delicious Bali coffee.

This is what the beach looked like this morning at 6am.


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