Let's get started with the dive theory

Yeah, because as my mum said the other day, I have been out of work for two months and not doing much (well I did lots of things, but not a proper job as such).

So well, holidays are over now. Not completely, I am not going to lie and tell I am stuck in an office all day. I am in Bira, South Sulawesi, and if you remember well I already put up a few pictures here a few months ago.

So I am back with the goats and the quiet, very quiet since the weather has been pretty crap the last few weeks and the village is pretty dead. Even the dive shop has been closed since New Year, and the boat is in repair right now anyway, so it looks like I am not getting any shark action for maybe a couple of weeks. But then, I am here to STUDY. And also to provide my IDC prep coach with whatever help I can in return. So no distractions is good (and apart from diving, there are none in Bira, since I don't talk to goats).

So, what's on the menu? A few months ago I was not even very familiar with the content of the exam, so for those of you who do not know what I am in for, here is a little list.

The dive instructor course lasts almost three weeks, at the end of it there are three days of exams. The aim being, of course, to succeed.

Rough content is as follow:

- paper exam, which includes a part on the diving standards and procedures, and a tricky part about the dive theory (physics, physiology, etc) which is mainly what I need to tackle in the next three weeks.

- practical exam, which includes pool and ocean skills and other exercices (also to be done in the coming weeks)

- teaching exam, for which you run a short presentation just like if you were doing it for students.

Sounds like a lot of fun, uh? But all in all, between the course, the books, the exam fees, it's also a fair amount of dollars or whatever other currency, so I do not intend to fail. And it's the key to a dive job, obviously. I cannot be on vacation forever, although I would probably need a few years to travel all Indonesia. (and then I can proudly sew this on my wetsuit. Or not.)

scuba diving montreal PADI scuba instructor action scuba.jpg