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Already a month??

Yes, already a month. So, what does it feel like?

- I look different. I am already as brown as cinnamon, I have no hairstyle whatsoever, nor do I wear make-up or anything like that. My skin is dry, my feet are starting to have a sole of their own, and I feel super fit. And I haven't been wearing trousers or proper shoes or long sleeves for quite some time...

- I don't get to speak French daily. Maybe weekly, if I talk to friends or family, or if I meet French people around here. My daily life is all happening in English (which I am getting used to again) and in Indonesian (which I am slowly getting used to as well!). I am making huge progress on the basic conversation : "Yes I am French, yes I live in Bali (not ready yet for the subtle "I am getting settled"), no I am not married, yes 33 years old is old not to be married" (there's a guy who told me that today totally serious, and then explained he got married at 18, so well...)

- The pace is different. Daylight before 6, and nightfall around 6. So I go to bed early and wake up with the roosters (although I still want to strangle them every morning).

- The rice. Rice cannot be avoided. So well, I eat rice. And noodles, but I still love them. And fruits, piles of fruits! OK I admit, there is an obvious lack of chocolate going on. And I am starting to have dreams about cheese and bread, is that a serious condition?

And mainly: I smile, most of the time. Moany-Me still shows up once in a while, but just for the sake of it really, because it's in my DNA I suppose. But overall, my happiness rating is up to the ceiling.

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