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Instructor course, week 1

Well, I am pretty tired, to be honest. My head has been stuffed with lots of things daily from 9 to 5 for the last three days, and since my brain has been on vacation for a while, it takes also a while to get it back to work. However, I could not be in better conditions to do this. For starters, this is my classroom:


When not in the classroom, I am in the pool.

Then, for that first week, we were meant to be two students before the rest of the group joins us from the Gilis. Except the second one cancelled at the last minute, so I am getting a private class for a few days. Which means I can ask anything I want without looking too much of an idiot and we go to my pace. Which also means I cannot pretend to listen for a while when I am not since well, there is no one else to watch. But so far so good, Cody and Andrew are taking good care of me and we also have fun doing it (check out Blue Corner Dive link on the right here if you want to know more about where I am).

And it's not misery either...this morning was a bit slow because of last night little party and a few beers...but then Cody had beers too so we were both happy with slow!

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