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Kicking the Instructor Examination's ass!

Yes, I did. And so did my classmates. We all passed.

I am VERY proud to announce to the world that I am a bloody dive instructor!!!! And that I got very honorable scores, including a few 100% in dive theory, after some hard work!

We are all pretty exhausted (and very happy), after three days of stress, getting up at 6 in the morning, coaching each other and erasing slates for the tenth time. I will admit shamelessly that I dropped a few tears when the examiner told us we made it, hugged my team mates, hugged my luck magnet Cody once again (which I did a lot over the last few days and he did not complain a bit, thanks!).

I have today a bit of a headache as we all got pretty drunk last night to celebrate, and I am taking a couple of days off in Bali in the aim of shopping (new wetsuit and fins, yaaay!) and doing nothing. Then back home to Lembongan where hopefully a couple of dive centers will be happy to pay for my services. It's the aim, isn't it?

And get back in the water with no other aim for a few days than enjoying the view, no slates, no skills, no "crap I just virtually killed a student" or "damned performance requirements"!! Before the first student shows up....

And by the way, did I say I'm a dive instructor?


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