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Hello, heaven.

Yes, that is what the past few days have felt like. I don't even know where to start...


I certified my first student (and I even feel like I did a good job with him). I received an email saying that it went through. Oh yes, it works, I am a dive instructor and certified to teach people. But still, you know, it was the first one. The same week, I took a couple more students, beginners: no one got killed, they all did their skills fine and looked truly happy about their day, thanking me about ten times. And then it hit me once again: oh yeah, that's my job now, I take people diving and make them happy. AWESOME. All in all, I got a bunch of free lance work for the past two weeks and enjoyed it (and made money also). And it seems that so did other people because I am getting more and more calls. I have visitors, family and friend, I am just enjoying every single second of it because it is so GOOD to see people I love. I am all warm inside. And also it is very cool to show them around, after telling them so much about here. And last but not least, I am starting a full-time job with the best dive shop on this island. I am truly super happy and impatient about it. More teaching, more diving, more fun. More details about that to come soon.

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