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Three months

It's been three months today that I have landed back to Indonesia. Weirdly enough, it is a long time and very short at the same time. It is time for a little self examination I suppose...

  • I am an islander. I live off a small island and I love it. Just like people living in somehow remote areas, I get really excited the first 24 hours on the mainland in Bali, and then I just want to go back home.

  • Yes, I say home. It feels that way now, it is the home I have chosen for myself for a while.

  • I am relaxed. I mean, how could I not? I see the ocean every day, my body is set on island's time and I get up early, go to bed early, I am outside all day long, I dive or swim every day. It does not mean all worries have just disappeared in a black hole, I just try to take them with less stress. Most of the time, it works.

  • I am a water person, even more. It feels wrong not getting wet for one day.

  • I am poor, by my old standards, by the ones of my family and friends. I don't really care. Maybe I don't really care yet, we shall see.

  • I do not look like a Parisian anymore, far from it. I probably need a haircut, I tend to forget my shoes in places, I am tanned. My body seems really happy about all this.

  • I have a job, a full time one (after being a dive slut for a few weeks, as they said). Guess what? I LOVE my job, I LOVE my bosses and I LOVE getting up to go to work. Nice change, uh?


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