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Tested for you: the emergency room at the hospital in Bali

So, I thought it was getting a bit boring, telling you only happy diving stories and stuff about my awesome life and awesome happiness, so I decided it was time for a bit of action.

I woke up Monday morning around 5.30 thinking "mmm my back hurts, did I sleep in a weird position again?".

Five minutes later, I have pain radiating from the front to the back on my left side. Ten minutes later I am waking up my neighbor Jacqui and tell her something is wrong and that I need a doctor. Ha ha. Here, the so called hospital looks more like a dispensary, as for the doctor he is probably a vet, really...

Half an hour later I am convulsing in my bed with pain, wondering if someone threw me a bad spell or if my appendicitis just bursted. I am told it's the wrong side for that. Mmm.

Thanks to my awesome bosses who took care of me like mums that day, I am soon loaded on the Blue Corner boat to get to Bali, given that the first boat leaves at 8 and at that stage I cannot even walk anymore. This was the longest boat ride ever: I am breathing oxygen, Jacqui is holding my hand and splashing my face, while each time the boat bumps on a little wave I am thinking that the pain could not possibly get worse, but it actually is. When getting in Sanur, I am literally carried off the boat and into the car and off we go to the hospital.


When we finally get there, it's been nearly three hours that I am in excruciating pain and I am about to pass out (which would have been better, really. My body doesn't seem to have a very efficient "safe shut down mode"). The next few minutes are a bit blurry, I am carried to a bed, being set an IV in the arm, I am holding Cody's hand while convulsing in pain, until someone finally puts something down that IV that stops the sensation that I am being stabbed with a burning knife.

A doc checks me out, I get more drugs pushed in, and then I am told that I am going to have to stay overnight and have my kidneys checked. The doctor suspects it's kidney stones, which later will turn out to be correct.


I'm a girl, I get a cute pink bracelet.

So I am being settled in a four star room (after being nicely told that the price is 550 USD a night, without medication and consults...good thing I have insurance...) with air con, cable TV and hot water, and more drugs shoved down the IV and pills also for a change.

Anyway, I will not bore you with the description of 36 hours at the hospital, in between pain crisis and shitty food (thanks to my lovely friends for bringing me cheese and chocolate cake!!!). They finally let me go carrying a box of pills and a nice little picture book of my kidneys, just in case I want to put them up on my wall.


At least, they are mantas on TV

And now, it's been 4 days I am out of the water, I walk around like a granny and I feed mainly on pills, while waiting for the little stones to find their way out of my body.

Anyway, all this to say that despite the prohibitive cost, that hospital is nice, I've tried it out.

If anyone has miracle remedies to get rid of kidney stones, you know where to send it.

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