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Back in the water!!!

Hell yes, finally!!!

I went over to Bali on Monday to see the doctor again, praying all the way (to no God in particular,because I don't do that, but to my left kidney I suppose) that he would clear me out for diving.

And he did.

After giving me a list of recommendations just as long as a book, still no alcohol, no or very little coffee, take it veeeeery easy for the rest of the week, drink 4 liters a day, blablablaaaa. But hey, allowed to go diving again.

I spent the night in Bali and went to Carrefour to celebrate. I never thought in a millions years that after 4 months here going to Carrefour would be that exciting. But it is: frenzy of cheese, yoghurts, muffins, chocolate and all kind of food stuff. I just stuffed my face for a few hours.

I came back home the next day and ran to the dive shop to get my name on the white board. But then, being a reasonable grown-up (anyone laughing here??), I just decided to tag along a couple of dives and take no one under my watch, just in case.


Wednesday morning, I was bouncing around and up at 6am, ready to get some fish action. Man, was it good. We get the boat out with our lovely DM Made and three nice Canadian girls and head out to the north of Nusa Penida. On the way, a bunch of dolphins greet us by jumping around the boat, this was already starting well. I feel fresh as a rose, the boys have been also super careful about helping, avoiding that I load heavy stuff or that I carry tanks (thanks, guys!!).

We get to Sental, jump in the water, and HOLY CRAP does this feel good!! How can you miss so much that dry air you breathe down there?? I follow the group from a bit of a distance, greet the fish (yes apparently I tend to do that, see below...) and take a few pictures, just enjoying it. No pain, no dizziness, no nothing, I feel super freaking awesome.


So I do the second dive and come back with a smile on my face that says it all. Maybe doing two dives was "pushing it", as the doc said, because I had to go crash in bed the afternoon for about an hour to get rid of the pain. But then I get a call from a new customer about doing a DSD program (first time diving for beginners) the next day in Spanish, I say yes, I take these guys diving on Thursday, one of them loves it and wants to continue, and here I am today teaching him an Open Water course (which, I have to admit, is slightly more challenging in Spanish!).

I guess I did listen to the doc and took it easy...for 24 hours. I am BACK!

So yes, it would seem that when I am unaware I am being filmed, I wave at the fish. This video was taken in February during my trip to Sulawesi, in Bunaken. Have a laugh, it's free.

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