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It's not always happy stories...

I've lost a friend last week. Way too young, way too unexpected, it has shaken me pretty hard.

Then I got back in the water after a couple of days, my happy, soothing place, and with each dive I am doing a tiny little bit better at dealing with this. After the first days I thought I will wake up and find out it was just a joke or a bad dream. And then the other couple of days I still couldn't deal with using the past tense. All of this still does not make sense. Time is of the essence, they say. I can't wait for the time when I can think about stuff and smile at it when right now it's just upsetting.

It got me thinking about how life is too short to spend it doing something you hate or not being with someone you love. But I will refrain myself from giving you that talk.

This is to one of the grumpiest yet funniest person. Someone who spent hours teaching me diving physics and the rest to make sure I was going to pass that bloody instructor exam. Someone who made me laugh so hard under water and who still got excited about going diving after doing exactly that every day for the past decade or so. Someone who found me my first manta ray ever. Someone who never wore shoes and made as much fun of himself as he made of others.

I guess I am not coming to visit in November then...but I will not forget the other visits and all the dives.

I hope you are in place where they have Marmite, cold beer, PG Tips and a strict no shoes policy.


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