The best of what students say

July 28, 2013

Here's a little collection from the last few months. I keep writing them down so I don't forget because some of them are hilarious. One of the many reasons that make my job so great.


"I realize this is not blowing through my nose, but I don't think I ever do this" (mmm and how do you breathe, exactly?)

"I don't get this buoyancy thing. When I look at you, it seems that you just think about where you wanna go and you go there. a buoyancy Jedi or something." (May the buoyancy force be with me! I love that one!)

"And...there are sharks also?" (I get this one once a month. JAWS IS A MOVIE, for crap's sake!!! And sharks are AWESOME!)

"40 minutes? Oh. I thought it would be like maybe one and half or two hours for a dive or something" (well maybe I can do that if I stay real shallow, but I am pretty sure you can't)

"The water is really salty." (Mmm. Yes.)

"Sorry, I feel like I am being a bit slow with this." (Yes, you are. But that's my job. My patience capacity is increasing every day.)

"This was....AMAZING!" (Yes! I know! And that's the best you can tell me at the end of your first dive!)

C'mon, I'm watching you, it's not that difficult to float


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