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Have you disappeared in a black hole or what?

I received a couple of messages or emails along those lines since the beginning of August. No I haven't. Very busy however yes I am. I was not quite certain about this high season craziness everyone was going on about, now I know better.

In high season, your bed is your best friend and when you finally get there at the end of the day you sigh with joy. In high season, you start to forget people's names because it is so many of them and they change pretty much every day. In high season, you run around frantically in the morning going "crap, there are not enough weights" or whatever is missing that day. In high season, your last day off was maybe not so long ago, like a couple of weeks, but you can't remember what it feels like.

But all in all, it's waaaaay better to have a day of twelve hours teaching diving than a day of twelve hours stuck in an office piling numbers or on the road selling boring stuff. I can be exhausted at the end of the day, sometimes even a bit grumpy because of that, but not one second I thought I wanted to do something else than this right now. So all in all everything is good. Plus, you have to be in a good mood and patient to be able to give news, since the internet is still its usual crappy painfully slow thing. So bear with me! I still think I could never get bored of diving.Which is the most important thing right now to get up in the morning I suppose.


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