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Cheese, wine, hugs, love, sun, rain, etc

"A blog is also that, get out what you're feeling". One of my friends wrote me this a while ago after a post a few weeks ago. I guess it is, indeed. After all, I can just write whatever I want here, if I accept the fact that not only my friends but also random strangers will read it. Hello, strangers. This is a random introduction that has nothing to do with the content below, just so you know. I took a flight to France for a short vacation, not even two weeks. I knew I missed people already (more than cheese and wine, yes), and after the last couple of months that were very busy work wise and a bit hard on me otherwise, I needed the break. Mainly I needed time with my family and friends, the warmth, the love, the familiar faces, the easiness of being around the ones I have known for a decade or two, some time with those special few ones that can pick my brain and to which I can tell anything. As expected, it was great. Way too short to enjoy enough time with everybody, but enough to fuel my batteries with energy (and amazing food, obviously). Not enough time to see everyone I wanted to see, despite me trying to do a complete tour of France in less than two weeks. I still got to meet two brand new babies and to see most of the people I wanted to see, and mostly to witness my baby brother getting married (and I almost didn't cry). It was also way too cold, I am definitely one of those people that run away from their country because of the weather. Paris is still smelly, busy, full of cars, expensive...but also amazing food, amazing sights, hot guys everywhere, even quite a lot of sunshine. So different from where I live now...but I still love it, well now that it's a vacation place I really love it. Now that I don't have to be on the tube at 7.30 with all the others going to work and stuck under someone's armpit, for example. Then I went down to Marseille and fully realized how much I missed the water, feeling so much better just by seeing the sea and hearing the waves and having a spot where as far as your eyes can see, all you get is water. After two weeks it was time to go back to my tiny island, and after a long journey it felt really good to get home. Even better was getting back in the water, I missed the fish!

So long homeland, until next time.

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