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One with some mumbling and bigger questions unanswered, just for the sake of it.

Over 9 months in Indonesia now, soon it will be a year. As every year, I am also turning a year older in a few weeks. (Although I feel like over this last year my life expectancy has increased dramatically, I keep saying I'm going to turn 24).

Randomly enough, this week was the week when different persons asked me questions about plans for the next few months or the next year, when I plan vacations and book tickets, when I have to think a bit more ahead than just the dives for the next couple of days. So you know, my brain runs a little side program in the background and then when it's done I feel like I need to write stuff down.

First, I can tell you this: there are bad days on a paradise island too. When you lose someone and you feel your world has somehow lost a bit of its balance, when you quit smoking and have a really hard time with it (bad couple of weeks more like, crap this is HARD!), when your customers are just plain assholes because well, there are some everywhere, and you want to tell them they are but really, you can't. The big difference is that on those bad days, you still get an amazing sunset over the ocean, or you still get to go dive with manta rays and have your breath taken away like every time. Because it makes everything easier. It makes the things you are upset, angry, worried about less important. These moments are priceless, still, they are still incredible, I still think "How can you ever get bored of this, ever?". And like they say, for the rest there is Mastercard.

Well, not so much now, my Mastercard is still shiny but it's a facade. But right now this is all worth it. Maybe I am being careless not planning my retirement pension when most of you guys are discussing mortgages, diapers or schools, career plans. But more and more now I realize there are other ways of doing this, of a life, really. Running a different type of business, being more flexible about things. Living with less because hey, when you live on the beach you don't need a massive house, you're outside all day long anyway. I see people raising kids here and that it's possible with once again a bit of flexibility (as in they will grow as educated ones, for example).

Do I sound like a hippie? Because that would be worrying. I guess it's just adjusting. Maybe it's starting to think that this is working out, that this is good for me, that I may want this for good. Too early to say, probably?

I've been listening to this song a lot lately and bouncing up and down. Not my usual stuff, I know. But hey, as a French saying goes "only idiots never change their mind". On this meditative note, I will leave you so you can resume your activities. Until next time!

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