Teaching to the next level

As usual, summer is here and so are the tourists and I have less time to update you on what is going on with my life. July was full of teaching, some friends visiting which is always a source of fun and happiness, some usual health issues (not too bad, you know, just my usual).

August is different, because I am starting a new course that will allow me to teach to instructors. For those of you who are not familiar with the professional world of diving as PADI defines it, here it is:


So once you are done with your initial Open Water Scuba Instructor exam (that bottom black box on the right hand side), you can move "up the ladder" as they say and start teaching other stuff. For almost a year now I have been teaching to the divemaster trainees (see my previous post about it) and really enjoying it. I also moved into doing specialty courses which have proven interesting over time.

So this month, I am taking it to the next level by assisting on an instructor course and going for the IDC Staff Instructor rating (see chart to see where it is, going closer to the top...). Once I am done with this, I will be entitled to teach most of the instructor course (with assistance of a Course Director, the highest you can go on that ladder!) and hopefully help people to prepare for the exam but also for the real life as a dive instructors. Not only it is a new challenge (I had to go back to my dive theory, so I can teach it to people...) but it is also super interesting to be able to do this while still teaching people how to dive. Sort of a gigantic step in terms of content and how you approach things, but also challenging to do that jump and feel confident enough so that you teach other people how to teach. I had endless debates with myself whether this what the right thing to do, whether this was too early or not, whether I would enjoy it or not. And then I decided that I could, that I would learn stuff in the process, that after teaching for almost 18 months and going through quite a few divemaster courses along the way I could probably do this. And so far, I am enjoying it very much. Teaching to a higher level is rewarding, it makes you sometimes see things with a different perspective, it is also where the experience as an instructor is worth a lot because well, you've done this before and for some of it, you know how it's done. It's also finding new ways to explain things, thinking of relevant stories, examples, applying this knowledge into real life. So here I am, climbing up that ladder. Who knows where it will lead?....