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The surprise holiday

So the ear was not getting better, I was getting bored of sitting on my bum and mainly I was concerned because the ear was not getting better. So I sat there for a couple of days feeling sorry for myself and whining and weighting and discussing options, and then I got up one morning and booked a flight to go to France for a couple of weeks to get the ear sorted.

tintin broken ear.jpg

The whole thing was a bit strange, I was over there not so long ago, this was completely not planned, and then on Sunday I was sitting there booking a ticket and on Tuesday I was at the airport with shoes and jeans on and ready to go. Sometimes, you just need to get shit sorted.

Which is what I did for the first few days, going to the doctor, getting exams done and all, and when finally I was told my ear was not broken and it was only a matter of time and having the right pills and when it started getting better, then it was like a holiday. So I ate a lot of cheese, I had meals with friends and got my dose of laughs and hugs and friends’ love, I went ride the carousel with my nephew, I enjoyed the loooong summer days, I went running often where the humidity is not 99% which was a nice change.

I have no clue why on Earth I decided to go back in January this year, because clearly June suits me way better. Note to self: try to go visit in June when it is sunny, you can have barbecues with friends and people are almost on holidays. And in general people are way more smily than when it’s bloody freezing and raining all the time and the light vanishes at 5pm.

It just went really fast, like when you have stuff to do and people to see, but soon enough I knew I was going to be able to work as soon as I was back and of course I haven’t been in the water for 6 weeks now so I was EAGER to go back.

Also, no link whatsoever but I have realized that despite reading the newspaper online, the turmoil of the modern world do not have the same impact on me when I am on my island. In Paris, it’s news channels everywhere, free papers in the tube, kiosks everywhere, papers at the counter at the café, etc. Not that I want to ignore the news, I like reading papers (I do tend to ignore TV it is true). But reading every day about ISIS, about shootings, and French politics, and refugees, and all the rest of it, it tends to make me lose faith in mankind. I don’t want to lose faith in mankind you see, I am trying really hard not to.

So I finally made it back home, found my friends an my housemates were I left them, and then got my gear ready and got back in the water. All I could think all along this first dive was “Diving is so bloody awesome I almost forgot!!!”. No need to say I was pretty happy to get back in. And now I am back to work and it feels GREAT.

Lesson learned: never diving with a cold EVER AGAIN. No work day is worth spending almost 2 months out of the water and getting yourself an inner ear barotrauma!!

ear drawing.jpg

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