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Going places, meeting people, doing things

Yes, I know, it’s been a while.

Well first, writing for others takes time, if you haven’t had a look at Scuba Diver Life yet now is the time. It’s good for me to have this fix thing that I have to do, makes me have to write with a purpose and something predefined, on specific topics. Not as easy at I thought but I am enjoying it.

Second, well I was busy becoming a PADI Course Director.

So if you have read my previous post you know already I got accepted in the training in January. Get in was one thing, getting through it was another one. So first things first, I had a great time. The obvious is that when you are in a room with a lot of people that pretty much dive and dive and dive, things are going to be interesting. So people made this a great experience, I met tons of interesting guys (and 5 other girls...) from all over the world, that dive in various/random/exciting places. For me it was also very interesting to work with different divers, see how they are teaching things, seeing various persons evaluating, etc. I ended up in a great team, these guys totally made the experience completely different.

However, let me tell you that it was NOTHING like a holiday. 8am to 6/7pm every day, homework to prep every evening, group work so team meetings as well, I felt like I was short on sleep pretty fast (and you know me, I become Miss GrumpyPants pretty soon if I don’t get my 8 hours of beauty sleep).

My team mates took turn at being sick, I had a day where I was feeling pretty bad, but I made it through and got a massive cold only the week after, despite the fact that the resort was like a FREEZER from the A/C. Good things I had to wear pants and shoes after all, could not have survived this in my flip flops and shorts.

Another highlight was the Shangri-La fancy resort, let me tell you that their lunch buffet was pretty amazing (chocolate mousse and cheesecake pretty much every day!!). Same for the guys from Borneo Divers who had to deal with over 40 dive instructors and their gear and weights and stuff that they forgot to bring, etc. Also loved the look on anyone’s face in Malaysia when I start speaking in Indonesian (which is pretty much the same than Malay), looking like I was some kind of miracle.

All in all, 10 very intense days, I gained a lot of knowledge, a lot of new friends and a fancy shiny gold badge and card.

Then most of the team was off to a little weekend in Redang island, off mainland Malaysia. Warm and nice diving, a lot of cold beers and a karaoke bar, that pretty much sums it up. Once again, get 30 dive pros near the water and near a bar and you are bound for a good time.

After we all said goodbye and went our separate ways, I met up with Laurie in Kuala for a few more days of holidays. Last time I was on mainland Malaysia was about 12 years go I think, so Kuala was a bit different than I remembered. The city centre of Georgetown was nice, we also escaped town a couple of days and walked around in the jungle or chilled at the beach. I also ended up meeting with some old friends too, which is always nice.

So long Malaysia, until next time!

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