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The BIG island

Yes people, I know, it has been AGES. You maybe thought I had disappeared below the surface and finally managed to go and live under the sea, where the fish are swimming and the water is humming and the sun is sort of shining.

Well I hadn’t.

And I miss writing stuff for the blog but the last few months went a bit crazy. You know, life.

Anyway, since April, stuff happened.

Major stuff happened.

Like me starting to teach IDC's and loving it.

Like me leaving the small island of Nusa Lembongan, my home for 3,5 years, to move to the big island of Bali a few months ago.

Like me getting a new job.

Like me building up a pro website and spending hours working on it.

Live me moving my life to the big island and adjusting to everything.

Like me wearing shoes. Major stuff as you can see.

The Bali life took a bit of adjustment, no need to say.

First, the traffic. I have no idea why car and bike manufacturers here bother to fit their vehicles with turn lights and mirrors, because clearly that is a waste of money. On a good day traffic is hectic, on a bad day it is next level crazy. Much change from Lembongan.

Also, anything is here. I mean, after years on a tiny island, a place where you can buy bread and cheese, go to the movies, spend a fortune on brunch, get wine, drive a car, go to bowling and other random things is a bit overwhelming.

I made new friends, I found a couple of good surf spots, some good chill spots too, I found a gym and I am actually going (yes, I know, nothing short of a miracle this). I had to buy shoes and wear them. Another time I will tell you how last week I went home late with one shoe, like a tipsy Cinderella, and the missing shoe was found the next day in front of a liquor store, next to my lost dignity. Good times.

At the moment, a lot of work things are up in the air. Which is sort of exciting and scary at the same time. « Sedikit-Sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit » as you say in Indonesian, which roughly means « little by little, with time it becomes a hill ».

A couple of things for the last few weeks that need to be said here:

- Leonard Cohen : such a great artist. 2016 is really not being kind to the music industry….This is one of my favorite Cohen songs ever.

- Donald Trump : seriously, ‘Merica. I am short for words on that one. I honestly did not even think it was going to happen. But hey, I guess I was wrong, like a lot of other people. Not super excited to see what is going to come out of that. But as my friend Cam put it, maybe this is when people are gonna turn off Netflix, get out of their couch and claim back the street, the politic scene, art, their country. One can only hope.

- I watched "Before the Flood", and you should watch it too. Bless Leo DiCaprio. I suppose he makes up for Trump.

I know I am going to get grief for this but no French translation right now, not enough time....Sorry Mom!

I will try not to wait months again....promise!

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