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Women's day my a....

This morning someone wished me a happy Women’s Day.

Funny how men don't need a "day" to remind them they can do things like women too. I would like not to think it's because it's men day the rest of the year, but I might be wrong.

I feel pretty torn about this whole thing. Yes it’s great to create awareness and campaigns and all. But shouldn’t we be doing that the other 364 days of the year?

I know I am getting onto a slippery slope here, bare with me.

I don’t feel that women need a day to remind them that most of the times they need to work twice as hard to get the same salary, recognition, position than men. To remind them that freedom to do what they want with their own bodies and the ability to make their own decisions is not to be taken for granted. We know that, we experience it every day.

I "made it" in the diving industry like I made it before in the automotive industry, as in I am pretty successful in what I do and in making a living out of it. Yet when I introduce myself to people in a work environment, once in a while I can guess what some male think: did she make it because of her boobs? Is she a fraud? Does she suck at her job? Is she sleeping with the boss?

Well, I don't. I might actually be better at my job than a bunch of alpha males I know.

Yet I don't go around bragging about it, probably because society has been trying since I was born to tell me that I should play with pink dolls and that my goal in life should only be to have a bunch of pretty babies, but NOT break the glass ceiling or strive to kick ass in some job that is "not for girls", not to drive a big motorbike or walk around in clothes that make me a “tomboy”.

Working in the automotive industry turned me into a sales machine for a while mainly for one good reason: most people didn't think I could last in it, let alone outsell the guys, so I wanted to prove them wrong. So I did outsell the guys on a constant basis and took an infinite pleasure in kicking their asses regularly at the end of the month (well and also I have a slight A-student competitive thing going on for me, but let's leave that for another post).

Lucky for me I was raised in a family where I got told I can do and be whatever I want to if I work hard enough for it, because anything is possible for me (or for my brothers, mind). It has not always been easy to kick the macho out of some my colleagues, bosses, partners. It is a daily struggle. Yet like most of the other women in the world, it is what we do.

So to sum up, I know women's day is about awareness and all that but I don't feel like I should give a toss about Women's day (and if you do, that's cool too). Women's day happen every day.

Don't wish me a happy Women's day!

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