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Top records ever. Like, ever?

So there is this thing that is going around on Facebook about the 10 records that changed your life, where you are supposed to post only the covers and nothing else. First I don’t like Facebook chains, and second it does zero justice to the records if you can’t say why they changed your life and how good they are. I think they deserve better.

And since at the moment writing about life is a struggle, I’ll write about music instead. I have cheated a bit, because how hard is it to pick only 10?!? So I have added the shortlisted ones too.

Ready? Here we go, in no specific order shall I add.

Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother - 1970

I seldom listen to this one now, but it was I think my second record I ever owned, thanks to my dad. It made me realise how music wasn’t about the charts. I was probably 12 so it had nothing to do with being high at this point (even though no one here is denying that is is a bloody good record when you're high), it is just quite an amazing piece of music really.

Nirvana – Nevermind - 1991

I am sure I have this one on my list like millions of people. It was released over 20 years ago, crazy uh? I don’t listen to Nirvana that much anymore, as later on my heart clearly went towards different stuff, but that is still my number one record of my teenage years.

Massive Attack – Blue Lines - 1991

Another revolution at the time. Still listen to that one regularly and some of the others also, it is still so good. That beat from “Safe from Harm”, right?

Jeff Buckley – Grace – 1994

This guy. The insane talent. Even in the demos released after his death, you can hear it. One of my favorite ones to play on a rainy day. Worth to listen past the “Hallelujah” cover that every other person knows.

Belle and Sebastian – If you’re feeling sinister – 1996

Over time it ended being the one I probably play the least from these guys, probably because I played it literally a million times before. One of my all-time bands, the band I’ve seen the most often live also, sometimes two nights in a row, and probably for over the longest period from 1998 until the last time in 2015. They somehow built some sort of weird indie pop cult around them that was freaking amazing and got me to meet some of the best people ever that I am still in touch with 20 years later. The things music can do. This one, I have to say, is probably the one that changed my life the most.

Arcade Fire – Reflektor - 2013

I would happily give away a small organ to see them live. I keep looking at the tour dates to see if I can jump on a plane to somewhere not too far. Oddly enough this is the record that got me to discover them (super late, I know) and I love all the other ones. “Funeral” is also amazing. As is the rest really. Go listen to them.

Alt-J – An awesome wave – 2012

I feel half of the people I play this record to do not understand what it’s about. Yes it’s weird. But beautifully weird. So are the rest of their albums. I can play all of their records any day, no matter what I am doing. Especially sitting around in airports for some reason. This ended up being what I play the most regularly because no matter what the day is like, it works.

The Beatles – Abbey Road - 1969

I am not saying it’s the best one of them all (still haven’t decided which one is, too hard that one), but it was the one that was played to me the most as a kid so it holds a special place in my heart. Some of these songs are just pure genius as well as a quick lesson in what pop music is about.

Damien Rice – O – 2003

The guy can make you feel heartbroken even if you’re perfectly fine, that’s how good he is. Not too much for a rainy day that one, otherwise you might never leave the house again. But it is so delicate, emotional, beautiful, that you will forgive him for breaking your heart.

Ghinzu – Blow – 2004

What rock is about. So dense and intense and breath taking. Too bad that their other records weren’t quite as good, but this one is still amazing. Plus who opens a record with a 9 minutes song that has over 2 minutes of intro and then build into a storm? No one, that’s who.

Not that rock and (indie) pop is the only thing on Earth, but the others did not quite make it to the top.

However, let me chuck in here another lot that were serious contenders:

  • Groundation – Hebron Gate

  • Cypress Hill – Temples of Boom (another blast from the past that one)

  • Radiohead – OK Computer (so some of you are already thinking about telling me why the hell isn’t Radiohead in the top 10. It’s my list, I can do whatever I please.)

  • Noir Désir – 666.667 Club

  • Patrice – Ancient Spirit

  • Ben Harper – Fight for your mind

  • David Bowie – The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

  • The Magnetic Fields – 69 love songs

  • Hawksley Workman – Lover/Fighter

  • Hefner – Boxing Hefner (yeah I understand that no one knows who Hefner is. It’s too bad really.)

  • Cat Stevens – Foreigner

  • Muse – Showbiz (before filling arenas, but I’d rather see them fill arenas than Taylor Swift, if you see what I mean)

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