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PP3 - The website building

Welcome back friends. For a change today, a virtual headache, not a construction one.

Early enough in the process, we went around asking people for quotes about websites. Then we decided we did not have the money for it. I mean sure, I would like an amazing website that looks super pretty and ranks well and is all maintained. But we can’t afford it for now. Nowadays some of our conversations go like this: “This looks really cool. – Yeah, but that’s the price of 2 sets of dive gear. – Yeah. OK. I see where you’re going with this.” (Funnily enough despite the fact that I am tracking the money, it’s often Julia that goes “nah we can’t spend that”. Am I starting to grow used to the idea that we maybe have a money tree after all?)

So we decided not to pay someone for it and that I would build the website. It’s been a work in progress for over a month now. Going to tell you straight here that there will be no sort of preview today because I am nowhere done with the stupid thing.

Building a website in itself is nothing super difficult nowadays. I mean sure, it might not look as fancy as if I would pay someone to code it and I know nothing about code, but with platforms like Wordpress or Wix or similar even my mom could do something half decent.

However, building a website that people are going to find on the giant internet is a whole new story. So I started looking into SEO.

For those of you having no clue what I am on about (hi Mom), it stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s basically what you do so that when you type “diving in Penida” in Google my beautiful website shows up. (and I say Google on purpose. There is no life outside of Google it seems. I mean, raise your hands those of you actually NOT using Google for your internet searches. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Remember 20 years ago when Google was not even a thing? So long, Altavista.)

So I jumped from one SEO advice page onto another and I felt like I was falling into a rabbit hole. There’s how you build the website. There are the famous “keywords”. Your content. The long tail keywords. The backlinks. The responsiveness. Some words that I don’t understand like “Canonical” and “Snippets”. And so on.

Each time I read a new article I want to scratch my head some more. No wonder why it is an actual job. The amount of things to read and learn and do are infinite. And despite the fact that this entire thing is based on an algorithm, created by Google, which is like a giant calculus right, it is not an exact science it seems.

When I imagine the people at Google in charge of this, I picture them standing in front of a giant computer looking like HAL in “2001: A Space Odyssey” Kubrick's movie and they are having fun with it.

“Hey Bill, let’s throw a few more keywords in French with no accents and bad spelling because people can’t type.”

“Sure Sheila, why don’t we also maybe add some unicorn horn powder to the algorithm so that it gets even more magical?”

“Sure why not, should be fun! And I have leftover pizza from lunch I might chuck that in there too.”

When I am done building the damn thing, I will let you know. You might even be on my list of the happy few beta testers and you don't know it yet hehehehe.

Love and keywords to all!

PS: I would like to thank the kind ones amongst you that took the time to message me or tell me they were happy to read these and to keep it going. Thanks, that's all the motivation I needed!

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