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PP8 - The road to...?

Ze road is finished, ladies and gentlemen. Granted it is not quite smooth yet, but we can walk all the way to our land without climbing up rocks and shit. Pretty big win that one.

A little before/after photo to give you an idea...

Another HUGE win this week is that we finally found a place to live. The island is booming and the accommodation is scarce to say the least. I was already seeing the moment in a few weeks when I have to leave my comfy little house in Bali and I would be homeless.

We thought about building a shack on the land (too expensive), putting up a tent (too hot) and we were starting to lose all hope when Julia did what she did best: talk to a bunch of people, and our motorbike lady that is renting us bikes each time we come over for now, hooked us up with someone who has a house.

This deal was sealed in typical indonesian fashion: talk to the lady, go see the place, wait for the actual owner, chit chat for a while, eventually bring up price. Bargain it, shake hands, decide to pay a deposit straight away so no one could change their mind. Went to the bank, got money out….and wrote a rental contract out of a piece of paper from Julia’s kids colouring book. Super official right? So yay, next month we have a house.

Granted it needs a bit of work to be super pretty, but it’s clean and dry and there is a garden and even a little sea view when I stretch on my toes. Not homeless at my age, another win.

Kid's drawings on the left, rental contract on the right

We are slowly getting geared up for high season. The actual building hasn’t started yet as we are waiting on the plans to be finished, but everything else is slowly getting up to speed. Our task list for the next 2 months is a spreadsheet so big that it scares me more than a Stephen King book.

Another super big win this month is that my baby for the last 4 months, namely our website, is finally up and running. Check it out!

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