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PP18 – And a pandemic later…

My other title for this post was potentially: so WTF. But aren’t we all past the point of WTF?

Remember when I was writing this in March 2020? It started with “I feel this is going to be an interesting few months”. Haha. And here we are, a year and a half later.

I look back at this last post and I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. We were all thinking: OK, this will be a few months, we can still probably save high season and work half a decent year. Haha, again.

Like a lot of people, I alternated periods of “let’s make bread and yogurts and become self-sufficient since the world is ending soon anyway” with periods of “what’s wrong with wine and bacon for breakfast, the world is ending soon anyway”.

I am happy to report I have not harmed myself in any way (apart from said wine, my liver might disagree with that last statement) and that I still cannot make bread for the life of me.

Apart from that….well, shit happened. So much shit that is really not that interesting in the grand scheme of things. I went back to France, got stuck somehow, got offered work for a few months and took it. One has to feed oneself. Julia discovered the joys (NOT) of homeschooling your kids.

We all spent a bunch of time doing things that we never suspected we would do one day, like spending the winter in Paris in lockdown. Like the wasted hours of my life on CandyCrush that I will never get back (now I understand). Like being in awe with buying a food processor. Like writing blog posts about fitness for cash while slowly and surely eating more bacon and drinking more wine.

So what's up now? Bali has gone into lockdown again. Numbers are bad, vaccine numbers are too low, etc. We were starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel of borders restrictions but said light has just been turned off for who knows how long again.

But with a surge of optimism, we picked up the building where we left it off about a year ago and this is pretty much the only satisfying thing right now. So we are busy making the dive shop completely ready. I mean, eventually this stupid thing will end right? (PLEASE SOMEONE SAYS YES).

So here are some pretty photos and some “before” photos, because it makes me feel good to see how far we have come!

The plans

Then this happened....

And now

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