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The blog revival

So long before this blog was about our Penida project, it was about my life (wildly interesting, I know). I started it when I was in the process of leaving France for Indonesia, almost 10 years ago now, and it was designed to keep family and friends posted about what was going on.

It was also meant as a space for me to write. I published 215 posts on this website, over the years, which is quite the number. But over the span of 10 years that is not that much really. There was even a time when I would put them up in English and French, because I had time to kill I guess (and mainly for my mom).

It was about my travels, my life struggles, work, shit that gets me upset. It was about sad shitty things that happen in life, my multiple visits in Bali hospitals, more travels. I didn’t put much time in the design of it and I know it looks a bit crap, but hey I have another website to manage.

Maybe I’ll get around to redesign it, who knows how long this whole pandemic bullshit is still going to last….The archive thingy is not working great, the design is lame, the blog tags aren't working anymore, the “about” section has been the same for 10 years. Whatever, it’s my website and it can look shit if I want to.

Going back through the archives is like a journal type of experience. Also, it reminds me that I love writing (so much that I once wrote a novel and some people keep asking me when I will write another book and the answer is “I thought the pandemic would be good for that but it turns out that I have nothing yet but embryos of things that are not working, sorry”).

Soooooooo (drum roll):

I am bringing the blog back from the dead limbo where it has been sitting. I want to make a commitment of a post a week, but don’t hold your breath. But I will try. It will still involve blogs for the Penida Project series, but as there isn't much going on there right now, I'll just ramble about other things most of the time.

Also, social media is pissing me off more every single day, therefore I am debating whether I will share these posts again on Facebook (soon to come probably a post about social media). This little pet project of mine also had a mailing list for a few years now. It’s not really a “mailing” list, I only send out an email when there is a new blogpost up, telling you there is a post up.

So if you want to receive those, hit the box on the side here that says “updates by email” and you will join the other whooping 35 subscribers that get an email. You won’t receive anything else, I swear.

Well, that’s it.

Let’s call that my resolution of 2022.

Hopefully, until next week.

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